The purchase of real estate is the largest investment most people undertake. It is can be an exciting but overwhelming and confusing time when you must make many decisions. At this time, you need to turn to professionals (real estate agency, attorney, mortgage company and home inspection professional) for guidance in making those decisions about your new home. We would like to explain how we can help you. Our commitment to customer service comes with something unique in home inspections. When our customers told us what they wanted from a home inspection company, we responded to accommodate their needs with concern, personalization, quality and a superior level of service. That efficient, warm, personalized service to you is, and will be, the highest priority for all our employees. We stress professionalism and ethical conduct. Every inspector is committed to personal service, problem solving and customer satisfaction. We have no vested interest in performing repairs or pest control treatment of any kind. Our certified home inspectors have completed their classroom and field training program through a state licensed school. They are licensed in accordance with state law, where required. Our certified home inspectors are required to maintain their technical proficiency and knowledge of industry developments through continuing education.

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